Minikube cnvrg dashboard doesn't load


I followed the instructions here:

My following helm install and the output:

helm install cnvrg cnvrg/cnvrg --timeout 1500s --wait --set global.node=minikube

NAME: cnvrg
LAST DEPLOYED: Tue Sep  1 18:17:56 2020
NAMESPACE: default
STATUS: deployed
🚀 Thank you for installing!

Your installation of is now available, and can be reached via:

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Talk to our team via email at

But, visiting shows that it can’t be reached. All the pods look like they are running okay, so how should I debug this?


thanks for trying out cnvrg! :slight_smile:
Leet me try to help you debug the issue - does reflect the external ip of the machine? can you run curl and see if thats the ip of your machine?

Hey Leah,

Thanks for the quick response.

My external ip of my machine is:, so it isn’t

What changes can I make or what flags can I set to fix this?


when you setup the cnvrg application you can run:

helm install cnvrg cnvrg/cnvrg --timeout 1500s  --wait \
	--set global.external_ip=<ip_of_cluster> \
    --set global.node=<name_of_node>

instead of the <ip_of_cluster> you can set the ip you found
let me know if that helped!

Hi Leah,

Thanks, but as far as I know Minikube doesn’t support LoadBalancer services, so the service “cnvrg-app” would never get an external ip.

However, I just exposed the external port instead and it works.
minikube -n cnvrg service cnvrg-app

Maybe you guys can reflect this in your docs :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help anyways!