How to get started with cnvrg CORE

We’re excited to have you onboard!

We created a simple step by step video explaining how to get started with cnvrg CORE

Easily install in any environment and start building with a few simples steps :rocket:

:whale: Build and prepare a Kubernetes cluster.

Use one of the following guides to set up Kubernetes: EKS, AKS, GKE or Minikube

:rocket: Use Helm to install cnvrg CORE


I tried EKS cluster creation steps and I also tried to install using helm. Everything worked well. But in AWS load balancer, I can not find Public IP. Will you please help me to resolve the same.

Let me know if you need some additional details.

Thank you so much for cnvrg Core.

Hi there,
thanks for reaching out!
After installing the helm you need to run the following command to get the external ip of the AWS Load Balancer:

kubectl -n cnvrg get svc | grep ingress | awk '{print $4}'

you’ll see a response similar to this:

Once you have it, you should go to your Route53 (or any other domain provider) and create a new record (notice the wildcard):
*.<your domain>

and a CNAME with the result form the previous command.
Wait a few minutes for the domain to be created and then go in your browser and use the link form the helm response: http://app.<your-domain> and you should see cnvrg sign up page :slight_smile:
Hope this helps, let us know if you need anything else!
Good Luck!

Hello @leah,

Thank you so much. I added the CNAME record as per your suggestion and it worked. I am able to see sign up page.

On sign up page I am not able to sign up. That sign up POST request is giving status code 400. So may be I am still missing something.

Great! happy to see it worked out :slight_smile:
Can you share how you sign up? did you set an email, username and password?


Yes, I fill-up the form properly.

Attached Image for your understanding.!

Ok,thanks! can you share a printscreen of the status of the environment?
you can do that by going to the kubernetes cluster and run:
kubectl -n cnvrg get pods

Please find the image as requested.

OK thanks! everything looks good, we also tried to run the same setup and it worked well. can you try to delete the main pods- by running:
kubectl -n cnvrg delete pod cnvrg-app-cc97585b8-hk6mx cnvrg-sidkeiq-5754c76f98-k9g7t cnvrg-sidkeiq-5754c76f98-r77r4
once they’re running again - can you try again to sign up?

Hello @leah,

After rebooting all three services I am able to access the platform.

Thank you so much.

Great, happy to help! Let us know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face: