Build Your Own Recommender System Workshop - What You Need To Know

Recommender System Workshops - What You Need To Know

Start building your first recommender application with AI Blueprints in this hands-on workshop. We’ll introduce AI Blueprints, and we’ll take a look at the Flows feature in on which Blueprints is built. When you leave this workshop, you’ll have built a system that can make simple recommendations without ever having to train a model.


  • Familiarity with Python and REST APIs
  • Optional: We will provide the necessary datasets, or you can bring your own. Your data should follow these requirements and structure below.

Data Requirements

Recommendation engines learn from previous interactions between users and items. It can include rating of the item, reflecting the level of satisfaction from the item or just the interaction that means that the user purchased/clicked/viewed the item.

For example:

User Id: 22345 viewed Item Id: 3454


User Id: 22332 gave Item id: 3342 Score: 4

If you want the recommendation engine to give recommendations based on your items, you should bring to the workshop a csv file containing either: user-item interactions, or user-item-rating records.

Here is the exact format:

  1. Header row

user_id, item_id


user_id, item_id, rating

  1. Interactions (user_id, item_id) pairs, or (user_id, item_id, rating) triplets. Each interaction in a separate row.

user_id, item_id can be alpha-numeric. Rating should be numeric between 0-5.

For example:

user_id, item_id

23233, 3431

23233, 4332

23233, 4543


21111, 3431


user_id, item_id, rating

23233, 3431,4

23233, 4332, 2

23233, 4543, 1

21111,114, 0

21111, 3431, 2

A few notes:

Explicit dataset (includes rating) will bring better results in terms of accuracy

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March 15th Workshop Login Directions:

We’re excited to see you tomorrow for the Recommender System AI Workshop!
Please check your email to enter the workshop and join March 15th at 11AM EST (9AM PST)

Tips for entering the platform:

  • Use the latest version of Google Chrome Browser .
  • Disable any VPN or firewall
  • Join from an Open network and not via the restricted office network.
  • If asked for a login code use:

Once in the platform, enter the room featured on the bottom left of the reception area titled “Workshop” - or click on “Rooms” at the top menu to enter the workshop

We will provide data, but if you would like to run it on your own data, please upload your data here. Make sure it does not exceed 10MB.

Still having problems? Contact us at

Important Details: Recommender System Workshop: April 26th
See you tomorrow, April 26th at 11AM EST (8:00 PST) for the AI Blueprint Workshop to Build your Own Recommender System. This is a 2 hour interactive workshop, where you will be able to ask questions live to the instructors and get hands-on support. Please read the important information below before the workshop.

Important information:

  • If you’re registered for the workshop, you should have received the access link in your email

  • Login to Account : You’ll receive an invite to the platform via email within 24 hours of the workshop. Please sign in using this email prior to the workshop. If you are having trouble signing in please email us at

  • Prepare & Upload your dataset : We will provide data, but if you would like to run it on your own data, please read the data requirements here and upload your data here for the workshop. Make sure it does not exceed 10MB.

  • How to earn the Certificate : You’ll earn a sharable badge and certificate by joining the full live workshop and filling out the survey at the end of the workshop.

  • More Questions? Feel free to reply here with any questions you might have!

We look forward to seeing you!